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  • Delivers Microbial Balancing Technology – a complete range of beneficial bacteria for optimum results in both plants and soil
  • Concentrated, cost effective and easy to use
  • Increases yield and a longer production period
  • Rapidly increases microbial activity for healthy soil
  • pH neutral = immediate plant acceptance
  • Accelerates dry matter breakdown creating a valuable carbon source
  • Establishes a healthy deep root system
  • Increases a natural resistance to pest, disease and climatic variation
  • Enhances flavour and nutritional value
  • For premium results use all year round


  1. Dr Grow It All™ delivers a comprehensive range of elements in the correct balance.

    This is the result of many years of both ‘On farm’ and controlled experimentation. Chicken manure was specifically chosen, because chickens have only a basic digestive system. Their relatively simple biological structure means that a lot of the nutrients that are required by a larger animal are not needed and remain in their food as it undergoes the digestive process. The manure that results is collected only from farms that can address an exacting set of criteria which includes things like, organically certified, free range and first batch. This raw material is then carefully preconditioned which among other things eliminates pathogens such salmonella and e-coli, ensuring that it meets the national standards regarding pathological bacteria. Once all is ready the unique nutrient extraction process can begin and the end result is a balanced liquid fertiliser.

  2. Dr Grow It All™, is literally grow it all.

    Almost without exception it can be applied to any type of plant. From a hardy low maintenance plant, down to the likes of the delicate maiden hair fern, all plants will be nurtured and enjoy the benefits of this effective well balanced fertiliser.

    To amplify this feature, I encourage you to think about taking a handful of urea and throwing it onto a delicate plant like the maiden hair fern, (ouch). Not that urea isn’t an accepted product in its own right, just that it is designed for a specific purpose and may not be suitable for use outside of that purpose.

  3. There is little risk of plant damage due to incorrect application rates.

    Let’s assume someone misreads a label and applies many times the recommended rate. No harm is done. The excess will simply generate the microbial activity within the soil. This is due to the form and balanced nature of DGIA. This balanced make-up ensures that the plant only uptakes the elements that it needs, when it needs them. (This is an exceptional feature of DGIA and an attempt to explain it appears above under the heading of ‘Basic Science of DGIA.) This is not a feature of many popular supplements available today. (E.G. Dumping a mound of NPK fertiliser on your lawn will usually result in burning and possible death of the plant.)


  1. Systematic application of Dr Grow It All™ produces increased plant health.

    Optimum plant growth is possible only when all the essential elements are adequately supplied and in balance with each other. Very few fertilisers can offer this. DGIA is one that can. This has ramifications for such issues as quality, flavour, shelf life and possibly the anti-oxidant value of the produce.

  2. Ongoing application of Dr Grow It All™ conditions the soil.

    Beneficial biota is introduced during the formulation process and a portion of that biota in the form of microbes is transferred to the soil during fertilisation. Microbes such as these are already found in most soil types, however are often sadly depleted, particularly where chemical fertilisers have been used. The systematic introduction of these beneficial biota to the soil brings about a gradual conditioning of the soil. So we begin to see increased health of the soil itself resulting from use of Dr Grow It All™ which has obvious benefits in regard to plant growth.

  3. Regular application of Dr Grow It All™ increases yield.

    Research shows that better yields can be expected.

  4. Systematic application of Dr Grow It All™ improves shelf life.

    Reseach has found in most cases, shelf life of produce is significantly increased.

  5. Systematic application of Dr Grow It All™ improves flavour.

    Complex biological processes determine the flavour of fruit and vegetables. If some of the base elements are not available during the plants growth and development, flavour is one of the first things to suffer.

    For advantages 1, 2 and 3, there is no simple explanation, however an attempt has been made below to touch on fundamental issues as they exist in these and other areas. (See ‘Basic Science of Dr Grow It All™’) The simplest way to test these claims though is try it in your own back yard. Make up to three plots, separated by a metre or two if possible, and plant identical vegetables in each (Broccoli makes an interesting study). Fertilise one with the recommended rate of a good popular fertiliser. Treat one only with water and use Dr Grow It All™ as the sole source of nutrient for the third. Once you can see and taste the difference for yourself, you will soon find that your conviction and belief in the product can only serve to assist you in the worthy process of sales.