Care for your lawn and garden and grow healthy organic vegetables

The Benefits of Dr Grow It All

100% Organic Plant Nutrient

100% Organic Plant Nutrient

Dr Grow It All™, is recognised by Australian Certified Organic as an allowed organic garden product. It is registered with Biological Farmers of Australia as suitable for use in organic systems, and are deemed to be in accord with the BFA Organic Standard.

Abundant Garden

Abundant Garden

Superior results on your organic vegetable garden and all plants

Soil Microbes

<span class="light">Soil</span> Microbes

This complete solution containing biological compounds and billions of beneficial bacteria, promotes Bio-Stimulation for exceptional plant growth while replenishing the soil and increasing microbial activity for long term sustainability.

Northey Street City Farm Business of the Month

<span class="light">Northey</span> Street City Farm Business of the Month

Convenient Refill Station located inside

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Compass Institute Sunshine Coast

The Compass Institute is a Sunshine Coast based charity dedicated to providing real futures for young Queenslanders with a disability.

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